Our Mission

Established early May 2015, MM&M Catering’s "Off-Premises" mission started with  our primary goal to exceed the expectations of each and every customer, each and every time. With our deliciously created and mouthwatering menu selections that are specifically created for any budget, we confidently and proudly deliver the freshest, most delicious selections that will ensure your choice in our chef's culinary talents, is an unforgettable experience for any occasion. We now offer over 500 delicious mouthwatering food items to suit your specific catering needs. Whenever you prefer to hold that special celebration or event in the privacy and comfort of your own home or another venue of your choosing, MM&M Catering will bring the party to you. We specialize in off-premises catering. MM&M Catering provides serving associates, tents, tables, chairs, linens, premium flatware, eating utensils and anything else to ensure your occasion is an unforgettable and enjoyable experience.

Although we now offer over 600 delicious food items to choose from, we know the importance of fulfilling special requests and we will be happy to customize specialty menus that reflect your personal style, taste, theme, occasion and most importantly, your budget.

Our Vision

Our vision essentially focuses on each employee’s commitment to confidently and proudly ensure; the delivery of our freshest, most delicious selections, ensuring that your choice of our culinary talents leaves you with an unforgettable experience. No matter if you choose our "Off-Premises" service for; that special intimate dinner, anniversary, birthday or graduation party, tasty appetizers for sports fans to enjoy while cheering for your favorite team, even that ultimate barbecue, you can count on  MM&M CATERING to make it an unforgettable experience, that will keep you coming back for more .

Our Values

Our values are strong. We stand by our commitment to provide the best catering experience to our customers. We do this with a positive mindset to remind ourselves of; the importance in offering existing and new customers the best at the lowest possible price.

Furthermore, we also stand for absolute cohesion and collaboration among ourselves to ensure successful outcomes, and our behaviors within and outside the workplace by:
• Accountability
• Credibility
• Diversity
• Integrity
• Reputation 

"Our 9 Step Quality Assurance and Freshness Process Commitment"

1. Answer the call in a friendly and courteous manner.
2. Be attentive and ask questions.
3. Offer selection suggestions to assist you with the options best suited for your needs.
4. Write down selection(s) or any special request(s).
5. Confirm to ensure accuracy and customer satisfaction.
6. Get contact information and verbal agreement on where and when.
7. Gather payment for services agreed upon.
8. Stand by our gurantee that your choices are selected the same day and are prepared at least (5) hours prior to the date(s) and time(s) to ensure “absolute” freshness.
9. Follow-up no later than (3) hours of the agreed time, to ensure contact person or designated person(s) is available to receive items.

Our Commitment to Safety and Cleanliness Procedures

First and foremost,  MM&M CATERING does not and will not prepare any of its foods with MSG or any other items containing MSG, that may be part of its ingredients. We do not use any other item(s) that will harm others with food allergies such as; "PEANUTS OR PEANUT OIL, NOR WILL WE USE PORK PRODUCTS OF ANY TYPE, FOR SEASONING PARTICULAR ITEMS TO ENHANCE FLAVORS."  We are committed to ensuring a clean, healthy and safe kitchen, before, during and after our food preparation procedures. Each MM&M associate must adhere to the strictest safety and sanitation practices enforced by law. It is every associate's responsibility to use and wear the proper prep attire daily, while in the kitchen.  MM&M CATERING  is committed to adherence of all all Safety and Cleanliness Procedures.  Furthermore, it is the responsibility of every associate to make certain that; work areas are clear of any foods, grease or any other objects that are considered unhealthy and unsafe.

Work Intelligently

• Conduct our business with a courageous mindset and know when to change course when applicable.
• Continue to work effectively and efficiently to develop, maintain and implement strategies for successful outcomes.
• On-going employee training and development to remain an excellent workplace where our employees are inspired to strive and achieve excellence in their position.
• Be a highly competitive, effective and reputable business.

Our Culture and Social Responsibility

Our Culture defines who we are and taking ownership of our responsibilities. No matter what, our attitudes, ideas and behaviors will not only remain professional, we will maintain the highest levels of respect and maturity among those we serve, and ourselves at all times.

• Leadership
• Passion
• Productivity
• Quality
• Remain responsive to change

Our focus on the Market

We are our biggest competitor. We are not in business to; out sell, out perform or undermind any of our competitors in business. What we are is a business who strives to;  out sell, out perform and never undermind ourselves.

It is our absolute goal to achieve success by:

• Staying focused on the needs of every consumer and customer.
• Connect with communities by listening, learning and observing.
• Focus on strengthening our presence within the marketplace daily.




MM&M CATERING  strives to provide absolute and continuous value to every customer. However, there are times, due to the availability of particular products we use and seasonal fluctuations, our prices are subject to change without notice, resulting in changes among our menu selections due to product availability, and overall costs through our vendors. Furthermore, we reserve the right to omit certain items, if it is determined that we cannot provide you with the value  MM&M CATERING  is known for. We ask that each customer allows us time to obtain the freshest ingredients and time to properly prepare your package by; notifying us for all orders (delivery and while catering your event), no later than 48 hours prior to and no later than, 10 AM the day before your event, unless otherwise noted.  MM&M CATERING  stands by our commitment to excellence. Therefore, we guarantee deliveries at exactly the time you request. We also agree to deliver your order at least within 30 minutes of your requested delivery time. We also require 48 hours in advance to decrease or increase quantities of “Hot Food” items. It is important to let us know as far in advance as possible regarding all orders, to ensure that your needs are ascertained. Our Chef at  MM&M CATERING  will make every attempt to accommodate any special request and any late orders; however, we cannot guarantee orders placed after 12 PM.



MM&M CATERING does not charge a fee for delivery within a 5 mile radius. However, we will charge a delivery flat fee of $50.00 for any deliveries that exceeds 10 miles plus $.15 per mile and any toll charges, if applicable. 


MM&M CATERING  does have a 48-hour cancellation policy. Any cancellation requests after the 48-hour cancellation period will be billed for the full amount. We ask that your final guest count is confirmed at the time you place your order. However, we do understand and can make adjustments. So we also ask that if there are any last minute changes to your guest count, you must notify us no later than 24 hours before your selections arrive, so that we will have sufficient time to fulfill your request.


For your convenience, MM&M CATERING will handle payment of all 3rd party rentals on behalf of its customer unless stated otherwise. 3rd party equipment and rental items will remain on the premises after your event has ended scheduled pick up time and date. 

A t the discretion of our Chef/Owner, we may lend catering chafers and or linens.

All rental rates below are based on a one day rate except where otherwise noted.

Special extended rental rates are available for long term rentals. Ask one of our consultants about this extra service.
Prices are subject to change without notice.
All equipment becomes the responsibility of the renter from the time of delivery until the time of pick up.
In addition to credit card information for security, a 50% refundable deposit is required to secure all rental requests. All rental requests must be paid in full at the time of reservation. NO EXCEPTIONS.
All Chafers are to be rinsed free of food, thoroughly dried prior to pick up or a cleaning charge of $75.00 will be incurred.
All Table Linens are to be thoroughly washed and dried. I.e., free of food and stains, and returned before pick up or a cleaning charge of $75.00 will be incurred. (IRONING IS NOT REQUIRED)


8qt. Rectangle, Standard Chafers - $20.00 ea.
60”x120” Rectangular (Banquet Table Linens) - 7.95 ea.
70” Round (Guest Table Linens) - 8.50 ea.

This is only to protect you, your guest and  MM&M CATERING  associates of safety measure we practice, the care of the equipment or rental items and their return.

Please note: You are liable for any lost or damaged equipment and rental items, or MM&M Catering owned equipment, at full replacement costs.